Klasse' Sewing Machine Needles is a most complete range of the highest quality, German engineered domestic machine needles.

Klasse’ was first developed by Sewgroup in the 1980’s as at that time domestic machine needles were complicated for home sewers to understand to buy the available points and sizes were rather limited.

Sewgroup set about changing that we created color coded consumer friendly packs, a much larger range, we introduced new styles to suit the new fibers and fabrics that are available today. Our focus was also to educate the home sewer on quality, the importance of quality and choice when buying needles, why needles break and the important relationship between needle size and thread size.

Klasse’ successfully changed the way needles are sold and Klasse' today is still leading the way in helping best service the home sewing industry with quality, choice and education.

Some Quick Klasse’ Facts Below:

Klasse' brand is the only brand of machine needles dedicated solely to the domestic household sewing machines, overlockers and sergers.

Klasse' needles are produced to the German GSN standard which are the highest needle production standards in the world.

Klasse' needles are the premium brand from the factory which was the largest in Germany, (largest in Europe), and Klasse' continues to use the latest integrated technology to ensure we are producing the World's highest quality machine needles.
Klasse' are exclusively made and produced by the people at Sewgroup(SGI) whom are an independent group of family owned companies dedicated solely to serving the home sewing industry.